10 Empowering Things to Do in April

Thumbnail image for we can do itPower. It’s how we light the night sky, propel our cars, and fire up our computers.

And it’s how we make our mark on the world. Because power is simply our capacity to make things happen. Whether that’s finding a cure for cancer or educating our children.

It’s all too easy to give away our power, little bit by little bit, carelessly. As women, we’re pressured to believe that we have to choose between being powerful and being nice. That’s a false dichotomy.

This month, take back your power. Here are 10 easy ways to begin:

  1. Just say ‘No.’
  2. Turn off the digital alerts.
  3. Ask for something you want.
  4. Watch “The Good Wife” (CBS, Tuesday evenings).
  5. Write, or update, your bucket list.
  6. Steal an hour for yourself.
  7. Step up your exercise routine.
  8. Make a tough decision.
  9. Let go of one outworn obligation.
  10. State your opinion.

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