10 Questions: Are You Ready for Clarity?

clarity button10 Questions: Are You Ready for Clarity?

If only clarity were as easy to achieve as pinning a cute button on your lapel. (See cute button at left). But it’s not. Before you can find clarity, discover confidence, and live large, you need to cultivate some core capabilities. Ask yourself:

1. Am I able to make difficult choices?

2. Am I willing to put in the time?

3. Am I prepared to do the work?

4. Am I capable of pushing past my comfort zone?

5. Am I open to different points of view?

6. Am I in touch with my emotions?

7. Am I able to let go of the past?

8. Am I willing to let go of my ego?

9. Am I equipped to be quiet and reflective?

10. Am I courageous?

If you answered ‘yes’ at least seven times, you’re rarin’ to go. If you answered ‘yes’ four to six times, you’ve got a little remedial work to do before embarking on a full-fledged quest for clarity. If you answered ‘yes’ less than four times, you’ve got some substantial prep work to do.

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