Stress Less: Learn from President “No-Drama” Obama

obama official portrait-thumb-200x272.jpg
What can we learn from a president whose campaign staff nicknamed him “No-Drama Obama”?

If someone can become president without giving in to drama and adrenaline, then certainly the rest of us can manage to reduce the stress in our lives.

President Obama is an amazing example of how clarity wins the day. When you keep your eyes on the prize, you reserve your energy for accomplishing goals rather than managing stress.

If you want to stress less, take President Obama’s lead:

  1. Clarify your purpose. A clear and present purpose makes you unstoppable.
  2. Refuse drama and distractions. They are counter-productive for anyone on a mission.
  3. Start with who you are. True strength and power come from self-awareness.
  4. Be methodical. Slow, steady, and systematic wins the race, while others burn out.

Want more Obama-inspired strategies? Listen to my interview about minimizing stress the Obama way on Oprah & Friends “Peter Walsh Show.”

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