Ann Daly

Glad to meet you! Thanks for visiting. Would you like to hear a bit about me? I have been speaking out as a fem-evangelist since I gave my first speech back in high school. Odd, but true. Thirty-some years later, after a long stretch as a women’s studies professor, I am still devoted to the success and advancement of women. I escaped the ivory tower so that I can directly help women like you turn your ambitions into achievements.

As a coach, I help women get clear about what they want and how to get it. I love helping my clientsmove forward with renewed confidence and energy! As a speaker, I inspire and activate my audiences. As an author, I share my best coaching advice. My six books include Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most and Do-Over! How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives.

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You’ll find me in the national media: Family Circle, The Globe & Mail, ForbesWoman.com, WomenEntrepreneur.com, MariaShriver.com, More.com, TheGlassHammer.com, and Oprah & Friends’ “Peter Walsh Show.” It’s been my honor to serve as a judge for the Talbots Scholarship Program and the Jo Caldwell Meyer Scholarship Fund of the Association for Women in Communications (Austin chapter). Find Ann on Google+.

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