Are you ready to lead?

life coaching | AnnDaly.comWe inevitably get to a point in life (for some sooner, for others later) when we want to make a difference. That is, we want to lead. In life, at home, or at work.

What does it mean to be a leader? Are you cut out to take on the mantle?

Ask yourself these 10 questions to test your readiness:

  1.  Do you think big? A leader is not shy with her vision. Big ideas attract attention, and commitment.

2.  Do you read widely? A leader is hungry for information, trends, and conversations on every front. Leaders are curious.

3.  Do you create new ideas? Ideas are the essence of leadership.

4.  Can you get past your passion? Passion is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. (See # 5.)

5.  Do you connect with your ambition? It’s a good thing. Ambition is passion with a plan — and a fighting chance to accomplish your big vision.

6.  Can you lead from where you are? What are you waiting for? You don’t need to have a title in order to exercise leadership.

7.  Can you go beyond your job description? Most job descriptions are lists of technical functions that have nothing to do with your as a leader. You do need to fulfill those functions, of course, but you also need to go well beyond them to become a leader

8.  Have you built your own platform? Use your position, whatever it is, wherever it is, as a platform for thought leadership. Write articles, help plan conferences, speak to local groups, organize in your neighborhood. The point is to engage with your larger community.

9.  Can you ask for help? Get a leadership mentor, to share her experiences. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

10.  Are you embracing your power? Another good thing. Power is the ability to achieve impact. and isn’t impact — contribution and change — what you’re aiming for? So learn how things get done in your town, company, profession, then adapt your strategies accordingly.

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