Are You a Rising Star?

ForbesWoman_170.gifAre You a Rising Star?

In the old days, women (and men) clung to a single corporate ladder, hoping to make it as far up those rungs as possible. But, according to a recent ForbesWoman article, today’s ambitious women are remapping their careers.

Carol Hymowitz explains:

Instead of sticking with one employer and patiently waiting for promotions that advance them just one management rung at a time, women are snagging the top jobs in business, government and philanthropy by making daring and unconventional moves. By zigzagging across companies, industries and between the public and private sectors, they are gaining a breadth of experience and making big leaps with each change.

If you’re a rising star, take heed. The difference between you and an almost-ran is this kind of strategic, long-term perspective. It’s not enough to hope and believe and trust that a boss or mentor will usher you through the ranks of your current place of business. It’s up to you to define the skill sets and cross-industry experiences you’ll need to hit your ultimate career goal and to plot the best (even if unconventional or risky) options for acquiring them.

The gold goes to the bold.

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