Top 3 Signs You’re Overdue for a Do-Over!

Are You Overdue for a Do-Over!?

overdue noticeAs a life coach, I’m privy to the situations and conditions that prompt women to claim their Do-Overs! I’ll tell you now: these are the top 3 signs that you’re overdue for your Do-Over!

1.Exhaustion. When we’re at our best, doing what is meaningful to us, we feel energized. When we’re just going through the motions, we feel drained. Maybe all those naps you’re taking aren’t about the change in season after all.

2.Envy. Do you find yourself feeling jealous rather than elated when even your dearest friend shares her success stories? That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means you’re trying to tell yourself there’s something missing in your own life. So listen up!

3.Tears. This one is a vivid memory for me. Remember the triumphant final dance scene in the movie “Flash Dance”? You know, “Oh, What a Feeling”? Well, instead of jumping to my feet and clapping, I started crying. Deep down, that was a feeling I knew I was missing.

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