Arianna Huffington: Why You Need to Fail

Thumbnail image for arianna huffington.jpgArianna Huffington does a masterful job of reframing failure in the February issue of Inc. magazine. The co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post recalls:

“My mother used to call failure a stepping-stone to success, as opposed to the opposite of success. When you frame failure that way, it changes dramatically what you’re willing to do, how you’re willing to invent, and the risks you’ll take.”

Not that Huffington wants you to try to fail. “That,” she writes, “will take care of itself.” She wants us all to learn from our failures as a way to fast-track success.

“When I ran for governor of California in 2003, it was a failure–but I learned a tremendous amount about the power of the Internet. I also learned a lot about myself, about communicating, being able to touch people’s hearts and minds, and listening.”

It’s not about failing, it’s about learning. Refocus yourself on all you can learn, not how you can fail. Move out of your ego, and into your self. That’s where learning–and ultimately, success–happens.

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