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Time, me, and Michelangelo

I don’t do resolutions, I do mantras. I compose one for each new year, and I continue to invoke previous ones. Oldies but goodies: “Live and learn.” “One thing at a time.” For 2017, my mantra is “Waste no time.” It’s been an imperative for me ever since my mother died unexpectedly, DOA, at age […]

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Making holiday memories

I treasure notes from readers, and here’s one well worth retrieving from the vault: Feeling Grinch-y? I received this note today from a terrific, talented woman. It’s such an inspiration, I just had to share it: Dear Ann, I found myself getting cranked up yesterday about what was NOT done for the holidays. I’ve been […]

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Clarity: What I say instead of the “s-word”

Clarity is a living process, an ongoing practice. I attend to it pretty much every day, lest it slip away. A big part of my practice is morning pages — the “brain dump,” prescribed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, that clears out the cobwebs and leftovers before beginning a day as calm and […]

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Fear, or desire?

“Going for an outcome that I see is greater than my fear inspires me to go forward in spite of fear.” Judith Light As a coach, I hear a lot about fear. It’s only human, that we feel trepidation when we’re taking a leap. Isn’t that part of the exhilaration? I’ve come to believe that […]

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There is no perfect

“In golf, there is no perfect. there’s always a challenge to work toward.” — Lydia Ko The best thing about maturity, as far as I’m concerned, is letting go of unrealistic expectations. The ones that others have of us, and the ones we have of ourselves. Perfectionism is the most insidious of all unrealistic expectations. […]

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Are you ready to lead?

We inevitably get to a point in life (for some sooner, for others later) when we want to make a difference. That is, we want to lead. In life, at home, or at work. What does it mean to be a leader? Are you cut out to take on the mantle? Ask yourself these 10 […]

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Stories of women who dream, reinvent, inspire

It’s always a treat to hear from readers — readers of this blog and readers of my books. This recent note from Alicia was a special treat. She wrote that she had purchased Do-Over: How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives last summer and listened to the audiobook three times! Three times, I wondered, why? Here’s […]

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