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Are you in need of some clarity?
Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, off-track, or aimless, you’ll find your clarity in this self-coaching guidebook. $17.95.

In Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most, I teach you the principles of my clarity coaching process. In five simple steps, you’ll learn how to focus on what’s most important to you.

Five simple steps to living clearly, calmly, and confidently.

Clarity will help you to:

  • achieve your own true goals
  • regain confidence
  • banish doubt and resistance
  • reclaim your power

You’ll learn:

  • the five-step process for developing clarity
  • a guide to asking the right questions
  • strategies for dealing with resistance
  • the most effective journaling systems

“A practical, creative guide for living every day the way you really want to. Wise and delightful.” Betty Sue Flowers

“It’s beautiful and simple and right on.
Just the experience of dancing through this visually graceful book dissipates the fog.” Barbara Waugh

Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most
by Ann Daly PhD
ISBN 978-0-9797295-0-8
paperback, 136 pages, black and white
Wollemi Pine Press
Austin, Texas
Released: September 2007

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