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do-over cover border 300dpi.jpgIs it time for your Do-Over!?

Whether you’re yearning for a full-scale reinvention or in need of a minor adjustment, you’ll be inspired by these real-life stories and smart strategies. $17.95.

The Do-Over! audiobook is part memoir, part self-help manual, and part girl talk. It features 13 personal essays about women who are reaching for something more. You’ll hear all about the rocket-scientist-turned-entrepreneur, the restless retiree, and my own mom.

Do-Over! will help you to:

  • kickstart your reinvention–no more excuses!
  • get inspired, energized, and mobilized
  • plan out your next steps
  • sustain your new life

Listen to sample chapters
“What’s a ‘Do-Over!’?” (5:22)
“The Right Fit” (2:54)

“Ann Daly has reinvented herself countless times, so she knows how tough it is. But she also knows that the reward makes it worthwhile. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are in full force in Do-Over!, along with her smart advice.”
Stephanie von Hirschberg, More magazine

“Listening to Ann’s Do-Over! stories in the car gave me fantastic energy for meetings and kept me focused on what matters most right now: creating a balanced life full of wonderful work, family moments, and ‘me’ time. When the CD ended, I missed my new, good friends.”
Anne Lasseigne Tiedt, Momentum Public Relations

 Table of Contents
Climbing Mountains: A Story about Dreams
Doing the Work: A Story about Self
Gutsy, Ballsy, and Larger Than Life: A Story about Style
How to Make Your Move: A Story about Resourcefulness
“Is This All There Is?”: A Story about Meaning
Finding the Work You Love: A Story about Purpose
Lessons from the Botanical World: A Story about Habitat
Don’t Ever Be Swayed: A Story about Values
Talking about the Tug: A Story about the Right Fit
The Sound of Silence: A Story about Reflection
The Journey: A Story about Change
Trading Places: A Story about Focus
Running with the Hausfraus: A Story about Legacy

‘When I’m totally stressed, I pop in my Do-Over! CD.’ Jean P.

Do-Over! How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives
written and read by Ann Daly PhD
audiobook (70 minutes)
with 4 companion workbooks
ISBN 978-0-9797295-2-2
Running time: approx. 70 min.
Wollemi Pine Press
Austin, Texas
Released: February 2010

‘I’m halfway through and on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapters. I feel like you are talking directly to me!’ Linda H.

Create your own personalized reinvention roadmap.
Choose from four different workbooks
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