Do-Over! coverDo-Over! How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives (audiobook)
Isn’t it time for your Do-Over!? I’ll give you the tools to imagine and plan your transition. Part memoir, part self-help manual, and part girl talk. $17.95. learn more

clarity cover

Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most (paperback)
Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, off-track, or aimless, you’ll find your clarity in this self-coaching guidebook. You’ll learn my five-step process for making clarity and accomplishment a habit you can depend on. $17.95.  learn more

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A Year of Clarity: The Monthly Guide for Women (pdf ebook)
Whether today is January or June, you can begin a life of clarity. Every month you’ll get inspiring stories and practical advice to keep you focused on what you want and how to get it. $17.95. learn more

done into dance

Done into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America (paperback)
The larger-than-life story of America’s pioneering modern dancer — the original “self-made woman”! Isadora Duncan earned international fame and influenced generations of American girls and women. $17.95. learn more