Coaching: Clients on the Move

clarity front cover-thumb-200x300-258-thumb-200x300-259I have the best career in the world! As a life/career coach, I work with women who are claiming their desires and actually creating the life that calls them. I just have to share these two new coaching client success stories:

Rita (not her real name) quit her day job to begin a “year of creativity” to research a career shift into jewelry design. “I’m so grateful for your support, Ann. I’ve been amazed by your precise and probing questions. I never dreamed I would accomplish so much with a coach. You were the missing link to propel me to the next phase of my life.”

Lorraine (another pseudonym) jumpstarted her job search, scoring job interviews with PayPal and Rackspace, two powerhouse companies in the tech space. “It’s been a pleasure, Ann.Thank you so much. The biggest benefit? You set me in motion!

(PS–Curious about how coaching can get you moving? Check out my free coaching resource kit.)

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