Come Celebrate Isadora Duncan’s Birthday!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for isadora's partyPractically everyone knows at least something about Isadora Duncan. Probably not that she read Plato or that she considered her development of successive movement a significant artistic achievement. More likely, they know that she died in a sports car, her neck snapped by her own trailing scarf. Or that she was one of the original ‘liberated’ women. Or that Vanessa Redgrave played her in the movie.

Isadora would turn 137 this month! She actually didn’t make it past age 50, but her spirit lives on . . . at Bookwoman bookstore (5501 N Lamar), 7pm on Thursday, May 26. That’s when we’ll be celebrating her birthday, in Isadorable style. Wear your favorite scarf! (That photo is from our last Isadora birthday bash.)
An Isadora sampler:

‘If my art is symbolic of any one thing, it is symbolic of the freedom of woman and her emancipation from hidebound conventions.’

‘Life is an experience, an adventure. It is an expression.’

‘I preach freedom of the mind through freedom of the body: women, for example–out of the prison of corsets into a free, flowing tunic.’

‘That gruesome thing we used to call ‘middle-age’ should disappear. Women, if they will, can prove the power of mind over matter.’

When: 7pm on Thursday, May 26
Where: BookWoman bookstore, 5501 N Lamar, Austin
Cost: Free!

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