Dear Oprah: No More Kirstie Alley!

oprahDear Oprah,

I’ll admit, I’ve been grumpy ever since the show featuring Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond, and Star Jones. But today’s show, it just sent me over the edge.

Kirstie Alley. Again???

Not only did she sound like a jealous teenager who’d been outdone by her cuter younger sister, but her answers to your questions weren’t even coherent. Clearly, she has deeper issues than her weight.

Alley has garnered more than her 15 minutes of fame (and fortune: it was a paid weight loss escapade). It’s time to cut her loose.

More importantly, it’s time for all of us to stop feeding the cultural hysteria about losing weight.

At a time when our country is suffering a massive upheaval, why is our culture spotlighting women over 45 whose only remaining talent is looking like a 20-year-old? Why are we letting ourselves be distracted from the real work at hand? Why aren’t we celebrating and rewarding women’s real talents?

It’s OKAY that you regained the weight. You’re Oprah. Really, we don’t define you by your weight. (Maybe it’s a sign that you need to slow down, but that’s another blog post . . .)

At times of cultural instability, it’s typical that mass culture insists on regulating women’s bodies and on reinscribing their traditionally private roles as sexual objects and mothers. After all, we need to save the jobs in the public sphere for the men folk, who actually need to bring home the bacon.

As women, we need to remain vigilant about rejecting the old stereotypes and all that they imply.

Please, please. No more Kirstie Alley!

Your loyal viewer/listener/reader,
Ann Daly

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