Diane von Furstenberg: success begins with clarity

diane von furstenberg | AnnDaly.comI can’t wait to get my copy of Diane von Furstenberg’s memoir this week. Until then, I’m binge-watching interviews with my favorite fashion legend. The best one goes back a few years, when she talked to gilt.com. DVF is a wise woman, and she keeps it real. She’s learned her life lessons well, and she shares them freely. Here’s the heart of of her philosophy, about clarity, strategy, and success:

The most important thing is to have clarity. And it’s the hardest thing to have. It’s so painful, because that means that you can’t be delusional. That means you have to look at the truth. And it’s not like you say, ‘OK, I have clarity,’ and that’s it. No, you have to have clarity every day. It’s like pruning. You have to keep on cleansing it. It’s like a pipe; you have to cleanse it. You need clarity, clarity. Once you have clarity, then you have strategy. And when you have strategy, then you have success.

Here’s the full interview. Enjoy!

And for even more more inspiration:

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