Emotions as a way to “radical wellbeing”

move from fear to confidence | Ann Daly PhDI’ve been reading about Deepak Chopra’s new book, titled Super Genes, about what he calls “radical wellbeing.” The book features “the six pillars of wellbeing.” Five of them, yeah, we hear about all the time (diet, stress, exercise, meditation, sleep). The one that caught my attention? Emotions.

Our culture packages emotions as the stuff of Hollywood — big, dramatic, out of control, a matter of fate. But, as with most things in the movies, that view is more drama than reality.

As a personal/career coach, I see every day how emotions can get the better of us. They can cloud our clear vision, skew our good judgement, even suck us into the pit of fear.

The good news is: we can learn to better observe, monitor, influence, and shape our emotions. I love Chopra’s list of beginner strategies:

  • Take responsibility for your feelings. Wellbeing depends upon happiness, yet most people don’t really consider how they influence their emotions.
  • Write down five specific things that make you happy, and do at least one of them each day.
  • Set a “good news policy” at meal times. That may mean the radio station you turn on or the topic of conversation around the table.
  • Explore a time in your past when you were happy and learn from it. Is it time to re-embrace an old hobby, or getting in touch with an old friend?
  • Become comfortable with delayed gratification. Consider how your choices will make you feel in the future as well as today.

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