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“Ann helped me learn to think strategically and sequentially. She helped me see that, by developing systems for sales and marketing, payroll, and invoicing, I could free up my time to do what I do best!” Meredith Pizzi

meredith pizziDid you know: Of the 81,000 women-owned businesses in this country, only 2.8% of them reach the million-dollar mark in annual gross revenue? That’s compared to 6% of men-owned businesses.

The “Count Me In” program is aiming to change all that. And I’m happy to report that one of my coaching clients was just selected as a Pitch Winner in its Make Mine a Million competition. Make Mine a Million is working to get 1,000 women-owned businesses to the million-dollar mark within three years.

Meredith Pizzi seized the opportunity to make a two-minute pitch for her business, Roman Music Therapy Services. As a winner, Meredith gets free business and PR coaching and entree into a pretty ambitious community of women!

Curious about her winning pitch? Here it is:

“(Sung) Hello, Everybody, Hello Hello Hello Today’s our day for music, Hello, Hello, Hello (End of Song)

That’s how we greet our clients in our music therapy sessions.

My name is Meredith Roman Pizzi and I am the Owner and Executive Director of Roman Music Therapy Services in Melrose, MA.

As a music therapist for over seven years, I have seen what music can do. Young children with Autism or Down Syndrome, learning to speak and communicate through songs. Teenagers with disabilities, transformed from aggressive to productive, and Elders with dementia, reconnecting with others through shared music making.

I founded Roman Music Therapy Services in 2006, and since then our team has grown to include 2 full-time and 2 part-time music therapists, an administrative assistant, a bookkeeper, a contracted virtual assistant, interns and volunteers.

Our team is dedicated and committed to our mission – to meet the diverse needs of the community through music therapy experiences, education and resources. We use the power of music to motivate and engage our clients to reach their full potential.

In order to reach our target markets of young children, children and adults with disabilities and the elderly, our business has two strategic aims

1. Multiply our contract work with schools, nursing homes and senior centers expanding our team of music therapists to meet the demand.
2. Expand Sprouting Melodies, our program for babies and toddlers, which is unique in the field of music therapy and is positioned to grow regionally and nationally.

As an independent music therapy agency, we are on the cutting edge of service delivery in our field. Our solid reputation and our passion for educating others about music therapy has propelled us forward this far and will continue to move us into the future.

The benefits our clients receive are the real value of our services and our driving force for growth. We create new solutions, unlock closed doors, and make the future brighter for our clients.”

Now, you have to realize that Meredith sung her opening lines! One of the judges told her afterward that “the whole mood of the room changed when you started singing. The energy was totally different, and then I completely understood what you do in your business.”

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