For successful women: how to get clear & confident

Life coach | AnnDaly.comWhat do successful women want? They want to feel clear and confident.

Life brings pressures and demands (do I really need to list them?) that distract women from their personal ambitions. And then, some women get to a point in life when their ambitions change.

I know, from my coaching practice, that women feel their dissatisfaction quite acutely. They yearn to get back to a place of clarity and authenticity.

What can you do to return to clarity? My top 3 coaching tips:

  1. Ask yourself: Who is holding my mirror? In our culture, men are raised to act, while women are raised to appear. Women are constantly monitoring how they are being seen — checking the mirror, so to speak. When they internalize the “gaze” of others, they stray from their own self-image. They lose clarity and authentic confidence. Make sure that you are holding your own mirror!
  2. Write a NOT-to-do list. The springtime reminds us: Just as plants require a good pruning in order to remain lush and strong, so do women need to regularly cut back. They need to resist the invidious myth of “Superwoman.” Take an inventory of your current commitment and cut them in half.
  3. Create a mantra. Life is so fast and demanding that it’s a challenge to remain clear-headed as you go through the day. A mantra is a gentle reminder to step away from your worst habit. Devise a brief, neutral statement you can use to bring yourself back to center.

(Want more clarity? Check out my book Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most.)

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