How Bold Are You?

nunsHow Bold Are You?

When web pioneer and social media guru Aliza Sherman asked me to contribute to her blog about being bold, it stirred up a formative memory for me. I’m not one of those people who remember everything as if it were yesterday. But this one I can conjure up in technicolor. Here’s what I told Aliza about being bold, quitting, and Sister Edwardina:

What is the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

The boldest thing I’ve ever done was to walk away from my position as a tenured professor at a major research university. I’d invested more than 20 years in that academic career, but I was bored and restless for my next growth spurt. I left to become a women’s coach, and I’ve never looked back. I am deliriously happy.

What is a fear you still have that you want to overcome and what are you doing about it?

Fear really isn’t something in my constitution. I’m too curious and adventurous to let fear get in my way. I remember back in the eighth grade. Sister Edwardina told me to stand up in the middle of the classroom and berated me for being “bold.” “You are bold, girl!” she scolded me repeatedly, because I had gone above her head to lobby the principal so we could wear our own clothes (not the school uniform) on our school trip. Even then, I knew to take it as a compliment.

What would you like to tell other women about being bold? Why should they be bold?

Being bold is simply about being true to yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t make it complicated.

Tell me, how bold are YOU?

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