How Do You Schedule Your 15 Minutes of Nothing a Day?

Thumbnail image for treehouseHow Do You Schedule Your 15 Minutes of Nothing a Day?

I recently posted this factoid on Facebook: “Women who take vacations only once in 2 years are more likely to experience depression, tension, fatigue & marital dissatisfaction.”

In subsequent conversation with a friend who approved of the sentiment, I added that “I’m a huge proponent of vacations, breaks, naps, and . . . 15 minutes of nothing a day.”

You know I’m all about that 15 minutes of nothing day!

She told me how much of a difference that 15 minutes makes in her world: “I have four daughters, and constant noise. When the husband comes home, there’s constant television. So my 15 minutes is filled to the brim with quiet. Total silence! I savor silence like chocolate. And at least twice a week 15 minutes turns into 2 hours when I sit at the cafe away from home and family. I crave these times.”

I remember one man who attended one of my seminars. He wrote a note to me afterward, saying that he intended to spend his 15 minutes in a treehouse.

And then there was one coaching client who decided she wanted to do an hour out on the front porch every evening when she returned from her high-pressure job. I cautioned her not to set the bar too high, but, indeed, as she had assured me, one hour was easy for her. A few months later, she was so addicted to clearing that space for herself that she quit her job for an art sabbatical.

Tell me how you schedule YOUR 15 minutes of nothing a day. Email me now! Or click on the comment link below.

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