How to Handle Complaints

starbucks coffee cupAs a coach, I help women to live clearly and calmly. Together, my clients and I develop strategies to help them meet the challenges of everyday life with more grace and less anxiety.

I just came across a strategy–from Starbucks!–to handle complaints. While you may not encounter anyone unhappy with their coffee order, you likely encounter friends, family, and colleagues who are unhappy about something you’ve said or done. Here’s a fabulous formula for dealing with them. It’s called “LATTE,” of course.

1. Listen. Fully, as long as it takes, without interrupting.

2. Acknowledge. Repeat out loud what happened.

3. Thank. Be grateful for the feedback.

4. Take action. Correct what was done wrong.

5. Explain. And this is the most important thing: Don’t explain why it happened. That’s an excuse. Instead, make a promise. Explain how and why it won’t happen again.

Photo by MissTurner

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