How to Turn Your Divorce into a Do-Over! (or, Ann Daly “tells all”)

divorce signHow to Turn Your Divorce into a Do-Over! (or, Ann Daly “Tells All”)

I’m not a relationship coach, so I usually steer clear of such topics as dating and divorce. When Statesman writer Marques G. Harper called to interview me about Do-Overs! that happen after a relationship ends, I didn’t intend to get personal. But my own story just started pouring out: my first major Do-Over! came after my divorce.

Here’s some of what I told Marques:

“When it first happens to anyone, it’s devastating. You can’t imagine yourself alone,” said Daly, author of “Do-Over! How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives,” an audiobook of stories about women who are taking second chances.

In her own case, she says, she learned how enjoyable it was to pay attention to who she was.

“I discovered how nourishing solitude is for me personally,” said Daly, 50, who started gardening after her divorce. “I had not learned as a young person to be thoughtful about, ‘What do I want in a relationship?’ instead of all of this romantic smoosh stuff that doesn’t prepare us for the work of marriage.”

Discovering a New You,” published Friday, offers tips from me and other style and wellness experts on how to get through a breakup. The flip side of the heartache is the chance for a new adventure. All you have to do is choose to take it.

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