‘Unwritten Rules’: The Shock of Recognition

ice hockey player‘Unwritten Rules’: The Shock of Recognition

I’ve heard from a lot of you about my recent blogpost, “Top 10 Unwritten Rules That Could Sabotage Your Career.” In addition, there were a lot of comments when ForbesWoman re-posted the essay. Both women and men have registered the shock of recognition.

Here’s a response from Tami Bone, an amazing Austin-based photographer (“ordinary beauty, extraordinary humanity”) who took the portrait for my upcoming audiobook:

“I have to tell you about something I realized when my oldest son was playing ice hockey in the eighth grade. The coach would have ‘chalk talks’ with the players between games during tournaments, and parents were invited to sit in the back of the room. I would sit and listen, and this is when I first realized the huge advantage that boys have from playing team sports. It was almost an epiphany.

I remember sitting in the room, watching this coach draw all over a blackboard, going over strategy after strategy. I had never seen such a thing, and I suddenly understood the connection between sports and the business world.

I know that girls now play many sports, but when I was growing up, it was less common. Never in any dance, piano, drill team or a cappella choir class did I ever receive such instruction.

I’m not sure that I can quite articulate the revelation, but when reading your #6 (‘Men are bred for self-confidence’), I thought, ‘So VERY true!'”

Photo by rubyswoon

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