In Search of Clarity

victoria hunterI’ve always wondered, why is it that my skin looks so bright and soft and appealing after a morning spent in the garden? And even more, how can I duplicate that dewy glow without getting down on my hands and knees in the dirt?

I visited Victoria Hunter RN in search of the answers. Victoria is a medical aesthetician practicing at New U Plastic Surgery, here in Austin. A registered nurse, she spent a decade working in hospitals and learning therapeutic massage and yoga before turning to beauty and wellness.

I gotta say, it’s nerve-wracking to have someone literally shining a light on your every pore, but Victoria easily calmed my rambling nervousness. She got my sense of humor. And since she came to the profession first as a patient (with a case of adult-onset acne), Victoria’s empathy is real, and gentle.

OK, so the first thing she notices are those furrows between the brows. They may, she, says, make me appear “angry or tired.”

I’ve been working on those furrows for a loooong time. Flashback to the first week of graduate school: My advisor presses her forefinger into that furrowed brow and advises me to relax. Let me assure you, dear reader, that nothing else about my dissertation advisor ever encouraged me to relax.

Yes, I know I’m a poster child for Botox, but I’m not quite ready for the needle.

And I’m not quite ready for a chemical peel, which, I learn from Victoria, would go a long way to achieve that dewy glow I seek.

And as you may have predicted, I’m not looking to go under the knife, either. But gentle Victoria convinces me to try a dermaplane procedure, followed by a Hydrafacial chaser. The dermaplane procedure is a skin resurfacing technique that uses a special surgical blade to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. It feels like a credit card gently flicking across my face. The HydraFacial is a multistep serum infusion process–it uses a combination of pressure and suction to rehydrate my skin at the cellular level.

And oh, the clarity and brightness of the results! Without the kneepads and trowel.

I ask Victoria: What can I do at home to keep looking so refreshed? Her advice:

  1. slather on the sunscreen
  2. cut out the sugar
  3. develop a regimen including exfoliation and antioxidants
  4. do what you love

I guess that last one explains the post-garden glow.

PS–Want to meet Victoria? We’ll be joining forces for a girls’ night out at C. Kirk Root Designs, Arboretum, at 6pm on Thursday, Nov 3. Come join us, because clarity is a girl’s best friend! And because you’ll get exclusive deals on Victoria’s services and on the in-stock bling.

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