Power in Planning

Power in Planning

In these few days between Christmas and New Year’s, we look back and we look ahead. We aspire, we fantasize, we plan.

Austin-based artist Megan VanGroll writes an eloquent blogpost on the trials and tribulations of planning: “Mapping 2010: The Art of Setting Goals without Self-Loathing.”

Megan does a terrific job chronicling the difficulties and disappointments of over-planning and the trial-and-error process of getting to know ourselves and our best style of planning. For goal-setting is not a cookie-cutter process. It is as unique to each of us as our fingerprint. Like most things, you just gotta do more of it to get better at it.

So, before you plunge into New Year’s goals or metrics or resolutions, take the time to reflect on your past track record. Take pen to paper for a few minutes to consider what works best for you, and what doesn’t. And don’t let yourself off the hook because something was too hard. The question is: what are the strategies that help you optimize your own individual rhythms and intentions? For Megan, she finds it more useful to focus on how much time she spends painting rather than on how quickly she finishes the paintings. Brava!

Such a young woman and so wise: “Achieving the life you want to live will not happen by accident, and the process of mapping out what that means should feel personal and empowering.”

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