International Women’s Day: Women We’re Honoring

International Women’s Day: Women We’re Honoring

Tuesday is International Women’s Day, so I asked a few friends who they’d be honoring. Who will you be honoring, or commemorating? Share your answer with the rest of us by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” button below.

pam stone“I have chosen to honor my dear friend, Pam Stone (pictured left), a recent breast cancer survivor who handled this dark period of her life with the utmost grace and poise. She was determined to fight her breast cancer head-on with a positive attitude and a little humor thrown in. Pam is now helping another friend undergoing breast cancer treatment and has been a Godsend to her. Pam once said, ‘While I would not wish breast cancer on my worst enemy, I have to admit that I have found so many amazing gifts that I would not have experienced otherwise. I eat right, exercise like a fiend, and am in better shape than I have been in 20 years. The relationships with my family and friends are deeper and more precious, the sky’s a little bluer, and the air smells a little sweeter. And I know that I will never take another day for granted.'”
Lesley Guthrie, Executive Director,
Texas Governor’s Commission for Women

“Queen Victoria: because she survived, endured, and ruled with great fervor and strength, despite being constantly underestimated.”
Julia Baird, journalist and Queen Victoria biographer

“In my work every day I honor technical women and their advocates by highlighting their work and by helping them connect with resources, opportunities, and each other. On International Women’s Day I’ll do the same!”
BJ Wishinsky, Communities Program Manager,
Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

kay and kate tate“True North is shifting its position–a data point I must have lost about the time I emptied my last school locker but was reminded of when reading this morning’s newspaper. Magnetic north shifts about 40 miles a year. That shift translates to a one degree compass shift every five years. Seems it’s due to hot liquid at the Earth’s core that is constantly moving as the globe rotates. We are instructed, therefore, to conduct a regular update to our navigation charts to ensure we get where we intend to go. A USGS geophysicist, whose name happens to be Love (Jeffrey), shares: ‘Magnetic north is shifting all the time. It’s a continuous process, not an event.’ Eva Bishop Norris, my grandmother, was the first woman in my family to vote. Her generation went from horse and buggy to moon travel. My mother (pictured at left, with Kerry), at twenty-something, was warned that, if she married, she would lose her office job. So the world turns–at a full and fast pace of 40 miles per year and the barely noticeable one degree every five years.”
Kerry Tate, Partner, Civic Interest

“On International Women’s Day I’ll honor women globally by supporting a petition for international family planning funding.”
Gloria Feldt, Author, No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can How We Think about Power!

“We’re honoring the US women who were ‘first.’ Click here to see who they are.”
Catalyst Inc., building inclusive workplaces and expanding opportunities for women and business

“I will be honoring Harriett Simon Salinger of WiseWoman Coaching. She always helps me to remember who I am and what work I came here to do. Every woman should have someone in her life who helps her feel aligned and powerful so the negative self-talk is just a funny little buzz in her head.”
Marcia Reynolds, Author, Wander Woman

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