Give Yourself Permission

do-over cover border 300dpi.jpgGive Yourself Permission

Oftentimes the greater part of a successful Do-Over! is simply giving yourself permission to take it.

So as part of my Do-Over! mini-retreat for women (the next one is coming up on May 15), I ask participants to fill a page finishing this sentence:

It’s okay for me to take a Do-Over! because . . .

Here are a few of the answers we came up with at our mini-retreat a few weeks ago:

I deserve the best for myself
Life is too short
You only live once
My partner will be happier when I am happier
I’ll like myself more
It will make me a more vibrant person, more fun and full of joy
I have great things to do and new things to learn
If I don’t, I’ll be squandering my talent, education, and upbringing

How would you finish that sentence?

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