Jamika Pessoa: Not a Winner but Definitely a Star

jamika pessoaJamika Pessoa: Not a Winner but Definitely a Star

I discovered “The Next Food Network Star” several Berkeley summers ago. (No cable in Austin.) I’m not a foodie, but I love to watch people perform themselves. I really enjoy watching the aspiring food hosts learn-as-they-go. It’s a fun “backstage” look at how stars are born. They learn how to be more of what they already are.

Jamika Pessoa has just been sent home. But check out her exit video. She may not have won this competition, but she has irresistible presence and a rare graciousness. And she gave it her all. “You can love me and leave me,” she says, “but you’ll never forget me.” That’s living large, taking risks, holding nothing back. I count Jamika as an inspiration.

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