SUCCESS: Lessons from Houston’s Most Influential Women

laura gibsonConsider what Houston’s most influential women have to say about success. Houston Woman Magazine features 50 of Houston’s best and brightest in its current issue:

“The three most important factors in achieving success are passion, confidence and action. A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline.” Laura Gibson, Partner, Ogden, Gibson, Broocks, Longoria & Hall LLP

“Success is like climbing a ladder. You can take it one step at a time until you reach the top, while never forgetting to reach out a hand to help those who are coming behind you.” Wanda Adams, Council Member, District D, Houston City Council

“Always try to take advantage of new opportunities that will challenge you.” Maria Wyckoff Boyce, Partner-in-Charge, Baker Botts

“If you can hone the skill of communication–not just the words but the intonation, the body language and the cadence of the response–it will unlock more informaiton than you ever though possible.” Julie Dill, Group Vice President of Strategy, Spectra Energy, President & CEO, Spectra Energy Partners LP

“Success begins with the choice to push past doubt and act.” LaTanya Flix, Executive Director, The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston

“Take time in life to breathe, be still and to appreciate the moments with those who make it precious.” Sally Kline, Senior Vice President/Senior Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley

“Your mind is your mission; your mission is your mind. So, don’t let others control what you think; think for yourself, and never stop learning what’s around you.” Sharron Melton, Co-Anchor, KTRK-TV, Channel 13

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Sheri L. Parrack, Founder & CEO, Texas Motor Transportation Consultants

“Make friends before you need them. Your relationships go to the very heart of how one person can make a difference by getting the right people involved and working toward a mutual goal.” Lisa Trapani Shumate, Executive Director & General Manager, Houston Public Media

“To me, success is have achieved a certain measure of inner peace in pursuit of one’s own potential.” Kim Szeto, CEO, Asian American Family Services

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