More Career Advice from Dallas

Thumbnail image for ewl logoLast week’s compilation of career advice from leading Dallas businesswomen was a hit, so today I’m offering you a sequel:

DO know what you know and what you don’t know. It’s not always easy to admit that you don’t know something, but I view it as an opportunity to learn from someone who is an expert.
DON’T be a micro-manager. The key here is to feel comfortable that you hired smart people and let them do their jobs.
Telisa Webb Schelin
Senior Vice President–Legal, General Counsel and Secretary
Behringer Harvard REIT I, Inc.

DO build alliances and networks to keep you informed and build partnerships.
DO be yourself. Let your personality and spirit be evident. It demonstrates confidence.
DO pay it forward. Build a reputation as someone who helps others, builds careers, and makes great things happen.
DO demonstrate excellence. Only commit if you are in with both feet for 100%.
DO ‘take the stage’ when you need to. You can’t be a great leader if you are always behind the scenes.
DO show enthusiasm for what you want to do. No one will follow if you aren’t excited about the possibilities.
DON’T be more concerned about being right than being a trusted partner.
DON’T take credit for everything your team does. It will hurt you in the long run, and it’s not the right thing to do.
DON’T make career decisions based solely on who your boss will be, unless the rest of it works, too.
DON’T forget to stay connected externally to learn, to get exposure to other organizations, and to cultivate an outside network for managing your career.
Patti Johnson
CEO, PeopleResults

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