Power Is Not a Dirty Word

Power is Not a Dirty Word

I wish I could adequately explain what a high it is to work with women who are poised for greatness. One of my coaching clients just completed our work together, and I could literally weep for the magnificence of what she is capable of achieving as she permits herself to honor and release her ambition. Writing guru Natalie Goldberg would say that my client is “claiming her Buddha.”

As we neared completion, I asked this client to write a list of the major lessons-learned. Her list is eloquent and inspiring, and she kindly permitted me to share it with you:

At work:

Power is not a dirty word.

Make the implicit rules explicit.

As a manager, I’m setting precedent with everything I say and do, so be careful not to send unintended mixed messages.

People learn most from the behavior I model for them.

At home:

Attention is the cheapest thing in the world to give away.

Stop agreeing to do things I don’t want to do.


I didn’t “let it get away from me.” I just didn’t do it.

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