Quitting in Style

5182HQJK05L._SL500_AA300_-1.jpgConsider the much-maligned quit. Evan Harris certainly wants you to. “The quit is an act of will,” she writes in The Art of Quitting: When Enough Is Enough. “As an act of will, it is a form of expression. As a form of expression, it is an art.”

In the mood to quit something? As Harris points out, the possibilities are endless! Consider her list:

  1. Job quitting. Quitting any labour, paid or unpaid.
  2. Person quitting. Quitting seeing, talking to, liking, listening to, writing to, telephoning, admiring, tolerating, wishing well, caring for, banking on, being amused by, being changed by, or loving any person or group of people.
  3. Thing quitting. The quitting of inanimate objects, food products, and anything animal (except people), vegetable, or mineral.
  4. Location quitting. Quitting a city, town, country, etcetera. Not the same as moving.
  5. Idea quitting. Stopping adhering to or eschewing any idea, system of ideas, thought, psychological condition, or emotional state.
  6. Habit quitting. Eradicating the doing of something that you engage in as a matter of course on a regular basis. Generally involves quitting things that are destructive or bad for your health.

Harris covers technique (nineteen of them, including “make a scene” and “take to your bed”) and style (“Style is the texture of action, the timbre of decision making, the feel and flavour of volition.”) as well as quitting euphoria and postquitting depression (i.e., the six stages of quitting).

If you’re in need of inspiration, consider Paul Gauguin fleeing to Tahiti. Oscar quitting growing in The Tin Drum. “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

Go ahead, you know you want to declutter your life. Pick someone or something to quit today.

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