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At my last “Return to Clarity” mini-retreat, one participant told the group about a workshop she had taken some years ago now. “At first, it wasn’t what I expected,” she explained. “But then, it changed my life forever.”

We asked the obvious question: Who taught that workshop???

The answer: Jeanne Guy, of course!

Jeanne’s motto: “If you want a better life, it’s time to write a better story.”

Her workshop, “The Power of Your Story: When You’re Ready to Re-Story Your Life,” is beginning on Sept 9. Click here for more details.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne, here’s a quick introduction:

What do you mean that I can “re-story my life”?

The question is, what is being born in you right now? Through journal writing, you can explore, re-examine, re-imagine, rethink, and reframe your life – your story – so you can improve your life and be in synch with who you are becoming. You can therefore, by example, improve others’ lives through the process of re-storying your own life. The clearer our thoughts, the better our understanding of who we are now and the better our vision of who we choose to become. If you want a better life, it’s time to write a better story.

Do I need to be a good writer to accomplish that re-storying?

No. Re-storying your life means taking a look at your life, your story, and reframing it, through the process of journal writing. Journal writing is not about being a good writer; journaling is not meant to be “writing.” Writing is simply the tool. It’s to open up a dialogue with your Wise Voice, who could care less about your writing and more about you knowing who you already are.

What is the power that comes from this process?

Christina Baldwin, author and journal writing guru, said it best: “The point of journal writing is to make our own life better . . . while we live it.” Taking responsibility for and being accountable for your story is powerful; knowing who you are, discovering and giving the gift of who you are, is powerful.

How has this process worked in your life?

Over the last 15 years, this process has both awakened me to my gifts and made me realize life itself is a daily practice; there is no end to becoming. It has created connection, depth, opportunities, possibilities, growth, clarity, love and joy unanticipated.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If there was ever a time, if there was ever a call for us to know and be who we really are, it is now. There is no better time than now for us to re-story our lives. Because, by sharing our stories, we can re-story the world. As an African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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