Resolution Rescue: 10 Essentials You Need to Achieve Your Goals for 2013

As January comes to a close, a girl’s attention naturally turns from New Year’s to Valentine’s Day. But not so fast! As a coach, I’m duty-bound to ask: “How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?”

If the answer is a rather sheepish “Yeah, okay, I could be doing better . . . ,” then check out my brand-new “Resolution Rescue” kit. These are the 10 essentials you need to operationalize your resolution. Because just declaring a resolution isn’t enough. You need to plan and execute it, every single day. Here’s how:

1. Syllabus
To keep focused on the process of learning. Don’t think of a resolution as a yes/no proposition. In other words, don’t think of it as a performance goal. Instead, think of it as a learning goal. And what do we do when we want to learn something? We design a map–or syllabus–to take us through the process one step at a time. (That’s what I do in my e-book, A Year of Clarity: The Monthly Guide for Women. I guide you through a year of growth one month at a time.)

2. Compass
To keep on course. So many things come up in a day, let alone a year. A compass is what keeps you headed toward your True North, resisting the pull of detours and sidetrips. The late Governor Ann Richards developed a precise compass for keeping focused on her priorities. Read the details here.

3. Support team
To get the backup we all need. If you don’t have a posse, this is the year to gather one. Maybe it’s the year you engage a coach. (My New Year/New Client coaching special ends on Thursday.)

4. Black-out Dates
To reflect and renew. Every year Bill Gates schedules a chunk of time away from his everyday life to just think. Not to do anything, just to think. If it works for Gates, it might work for you, too. I hear a lot of people these days, entrepreneurs in particular, taking this tactic, even if it’s just a few days “off the grid,” so to speak. And if you can’t drop out, then do 15 minutes of nothing a day.

5. Bibliography
To expand your boundaries. To keep yourself immersed in the change process. To keep you connected to your goal. (If you want some book title suggestions, check out my Pinterest book boards. Or my list of “breakthrough books.”)

6. Mantra
To keep your goal top-of-mind. A resolution is easy to leave behind in January. A mantra is forever. It’s a daily practice. It’s a helpful reminder in challenging situations. Here are some of my personal mantras.

7. Calendar
To keep moving forward. As my father used to say, “Nothing gets done without a deadline.” (“And a budget”: see below). Define your milestones, and schedule them.

8. Piggy bank
To invest in yourself. Budget ahead of time for the price of books, classes, a coach, your annual getaway, etc.

9. Notebook
To monitor your progress. Don’t tell anyone, but writing is the secret weapon to clarity and change. I’s step #5 of my Clarity program: “Write it down.”

10. Bottle of champagne.
Or a box of chocolates. Or a matinee. Whatever your forbidden pleasure. Reward yourself often–for every milestone you meet!

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