Speaking up and feeling great

coaching for women | AnnDaly.comIt’s been a challenging few months. Lots of doctors’ visits. Nothing serious, just enough to be annoying.

This week I’ve been over-focusing (okay, my husband used the word “obsessing”) on some of the difficult conversations that have come up. I told the rheumatologist that his medical assistant had blown me off. I double-checked on a bill from the optician. I didn’t give the cardiologist the “strongly agree” survey response that his little handout requests from his patients.

Then, this morning, I woke up feeling great. (It helped that I had finally gotten a solid night’s sleep, and that there are no more doctor’s appointments on the horizon). I realized: it doesn’t matter how these guys respond, whether they take me seriously or care about my concerns.  I can find other health service providers.

What matters is that I spoke up. Truth to power. Today, I’m having a great day.

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