About Ann: When attendees say the experience was ‘truly outstanding’
and ‘potentially life-changing,’ you know you have a winner.
Maria Coldwell, Early Music America

What do your attendees want from a keynote speaker?

Someone who understands their challenges, respects their intelligence, and offers actionable take-aways. Someone with an inspiring message. And someone who remembers: girls wanna have fun, too.

I love a room full of ambitious women.

The energy gets so electrifying, you know it’s life-changing. I get to share my 20+ years of research as a coach and women’s studies professor. In fact, I’ve been giving speeches about the female experience since I gave my first speech back in high school. Audiences say I’m “passionate” and “powerful.”

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A smart keynote speech continues to benefit your organization long after the applause:

  • promotes your brand
  • develops client loyalty
  • increases retention & advancement
  • boost morale
  • embeds workplace values
  • demonstrates commitment to diversity
  • energizes leadership

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“Ann’s understanding of the challenges facing female leadership is exceptional.”
Teresa Schneider
Winstead PC

“Ann set the tone for our annual conference, ‘Excellence in Law, Excellence in Life.’ She herself was, in a word, excellent. She geared her presentation specifically to our group, and the 100+ audience was enthused and engaged, raving about the ‘clarity’ that they envisioned with Ann’s guidance.”
Andrea Johnson
Texas Women Lawyers

“Ann took a disparate group of chapter leaders from all over the state who felt they had separate goals and enabled them to recognize that their goals were indeed the same. She facilitated an exchange of ideas to bring us together for the success of the organization as a whole. The initiatives that Ann encouraged us to formulate have already been put in place!”
Gail Boggio
Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York

“Ann’s presentation was energizing and and engaging–and she gave us concrete takeaways we could implement right away.”
Meredith Mouer
Andrews Kurth LLP

“You are such an engaging speaker! You captured and held our attention and then led a fun and spirited discussion of women’s body language in the workplace. Thanks for a wonderful evening.”
Elizabeth Poole
Travis County Women Lawyers’ Association

“Thank you, Ann, for your rousing speech. I really appreciated how you concluded with what is the ultimate goal of the Executive Moms Society: to build our social capital and send each other business!”
Lisa Pittman
Executive Moms Society

“Our practice group retreat started off great thanks to Ann’s perceptive, informative, and engaging presentation. Her ability to get our lawyers thinking and talking about strategy and vision first thing in the morning was remarkable.”
Diane Carter
Brown McCarroll LLP

“Ann’s presentation to our group of attorney moms was inspiring. Her step-by-step practical advice for advancing our careers was spot-on.”
Amy Beckstead
DLA Piper

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“Ann brought in the highest attendance ever for our annual event, because she is so engaging and energetic! Her topics were impactful, because she tuned in to our culture and what mattered to the attendees. Everyone left with a sense of purpose and a set of concrete takeaways to develop their careers.”
Pam Narvaez
Applied Materials

“Ann’s presentation, ‘Leading for Change,’ was a great way to energize and inspire a large group of employees. The personal interaction available with her onsite workshop was invaluable for accelerating the learning experience.”
Jean Poteet
Freescale Semiconductor

“Your message on clarity and focus was spot-on. Yesterday’s event was a great success.”
Deborah Nations
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

“Ann was mind-opening. At a time when we all struggle with personal and professional chaos, she offers a commonsense approach to finding clarity.”
Jean Poteet
Freescale Semiconductor

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“I recommend Ann for your next retreat! She knows how to translate top-level objectives into successful content. And she knows how to develop the right tone. Our RampCorp retreat was fun, effective, and professional.”
Terry Chase Hazell


“You were awesome! You spoke to our hearts and brought the face of leadership into clear view.”
Lyn Chasteen
Austin Business Journal

“At this week’s executive roundtable, your leadership was contagious and your questions profound. Your ability to help us grow more successful was inspiring, to say the least.”
Christine R. Spray
Women’s Energy Network

“Dr. Daly’s presentation ‘Can You See Me Now?: A Women’s Guide to Career Advancement’ is just what the doctored ordered for a group of ambitious women who are looking to move up the corporate ladder. Dr. Daly spoke about how cultural expectations of woman can sabotage us in achieving our goals and provided clear examples of everyday tactics to put our proverbial “best foot forward.’ She did all of this while blessing us with her wit and humor, which kept the whole group engaged. It was so enjoyable!”
Traci Jackson
Commercial Real Estate Women, Houston

“I give Ann an A+++ as a highly engaging speaker who will inspire, educate, and empower your women attendees. She interacted effortlessly with our high-powered audience, generating a valuable discussion and offering actionable takeaways. Ann’s background, experience, and credentials contributed substantially to a completely sold-out fundraiser–incredible! She was a delightful and innovative partner in the event-planning process, working with us to finesse just the right topic for us. She generously promoted our organization, our host committee, and our event through her networks and avenues of influence–even spotlighting career tips from our host committee on her blog.”
Amy Elizabeth Stewart
Empowering Women as Leaders

“I am so impressed with how gracefully Ann translates her research into an easy-to-understand and even entertaining presentation. She is obviously passionate about helping women, and I could have listened to her for hours–her speech was that inspiring, enlightening, and, in some instances, surprising. I recommend Ann to any group looking for a speaker on women’s issues, or to any company interested in improving its corporate culture.”
Bonnie Hunt
American Business Women’s Association, Central Texas

“Ann was great. She presents her material well–and her material has substance. Even more, she is able to interact with the audience in a true dialogue.”
Julie Tereshchuk
austinwoman Magazine

“Ann Daly was a highlight of our first Leadership Retreat. She provided important and practical advice on how women need to get noticed at work. I think every member of the audience left with action items and a determination to take charge of their future – I know I did!”
Lori McDowell
Women’s Energy Network

“Ann’s passion brought legendary dancer Isadora Duncan to life. And her talent as an educator made Duncan’s historic lessons irresistibly relevant to today’s business women.”
Megan Poore
Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

“Thanks for inspiring us with your real-life stories of women whose transformations show it’s never too late or too early to do it over and do it with style and vigor.”
Rose Batson
Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

“Speakers usually expect too little of an audience, but not in Ann’s case. She engaged us to participate. We could have gone on and on!”
Denise Powers
San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce

“As the keynoter at our Second Annual Women’s Expo, Ann offered strategies for the busy woman that were both practical and do-able. The audience loved her entertaining style.”
Jill Jones Carroll
Lampasas County Chamber of Commerce

“Ann’s message was a perfect complement to our mission: advancing women in transportation. She challenged us with five thought-provoking questions to help each of us position ourselves for advancement within our typically male-dominated field.”
Kelsey Ahern
Women’s Transportation Seminar

“Some speakers talk at their audiences. Not Ann. She engaged our attendees, enabling us to focus on the five career accelerator skills. We left with immediate action items to keep the momentum building. Wonderful!”
Jessica Crabtree
International Association of Administrative Professionals

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Young Professionals

“Ann’s ‘Ask the Coach’ session was a huge hit! More than just a Q & A session, she engaged our members in a dialogue about overcoming professional and personal obstacles. From Sarah Palin to She-Ra, Ann challenged us to examine our own ideas about female power.”
Angela Pedowitz
Young Women’s Alliance

“Our members loved Dr. Daly! We felt lucky to hear her research about women in the workplace. I recommend her talk for all women starting their careers.”
Kendra Garcia
Assn for Women in Communications, TX State University

“Ann Daly reminds women that they are worth a Do-Over. She returns us to our personal passion, and gives us courage to take first steps from there.”
Julia Cuba
Girls Empowerment Network

“Thank you for your ‘Ask the Coach’ session. Ever since then I have been thinking critically about my network, my role in my own life, and the role I want to play in others’ lives as a strong, creative, and clear-headed woman. Thank you for your inspiration.”
Sarah Whitfield
Young Women’s Alliance

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“As the keynote speaker for our annual conference, Ann spoke to the concerns of women leaders in a way that was genuine, thoughtful, and, most of all, helpful.”
Dr. Cathy A. Fleuriet
Texas Women in Higher Education

“Dr. Daly is passionate, moving, funny, and inspiring. She drew us in and offered us strategies we could really use.”
Kathleen Fleming
Association of Texas Professional Educators

“I am so appreciative for your masterful stewardship of the Dance Leadership Summit. The quality, consistency, and professionalism of your work as consultant, mentor, and moderator were absolutely superb. It is no exaggeration to say that the success of the day was due in large measure to you and your work.”
Janice Ross, PhD
Society of Dance History Scholars

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“Dr. Daly’s ‘Unwritten Rules’ struck a chord with our membership and guests. Not only did we have near-record attendance, but we also signed up new members based on the value they received from her. Straightforward, funny, and highly educational!”
Heide Brandes
Association for Women in Communication, Oklahoma City

“Ann was such an engaging speaker. Her expertise as a college professor shone through as she shared with us the ‘Top 10 Unwritten Rules That Can Sabotage Your Career.’ Her advice on how to present yourself and take charge of your personal power as a woman leader really resonated with our membership of strong, professional women.”
Erin Huddleston
Women in Communications, Austin

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“Your presentation was so thought-provoking. The staff left inspired by your words of wisdom.”
Tony Lawrence
Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services

“Your presentation was fabulous! Many thanks for showing us the way to personal power through clarity.”
Raette Smith
Hearne Texas State Agency Council

Dr. Daly is such a dynamic speaker! As a working mom with numerous projects, I know that life often seems like a pressure cooker, so I applaud Ann’s work to make women’s lives easier by providing clarity tools to help in a hectic world. Her workshop offered invaluable insight–and it was fun, too.”
Adrienne Carter
Executive Women in Texas Government

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“As the keynote speaker for our conference, ‘Celebrating Women: Today & Tomorrow,’ Dr. Daly connected with both the tween girls and their moms, setting the stage for the relationship-building theme of our conference. Her highly interactive session helped both the girls and their mothers reflect on their ambitions and the ways they can support each other to reach those goals. Her energetic facilitation of the community meeting helped us to think deeply and create a substantial list of actionable ideas that will sustain our initiative.”
Barbara Wright, PhD
Casa Grande ESD

Travel & Leisure

“Ann inspires our guests! Her talks are both fun and informative, friendly and thought-provoking. She invites people in with her relaxed style and then delivers a powerful message.”
Robbie Hudson
Lake Austin Spa Resort

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