Want to Breathe Easier? Look Up.

Want to Breathe Easier? Look Up.

Sarah Beckham, Life Guide columnist at the Austin American-Statesman, was kind enough to include me in her year-end round-up of life and work coaches. Sarah’s article gathers together a half-dozen or so great tips on making your life “easier, richer, more productive or in any way better.”

Here’s what I offered:

As a solopreneur with another book about to be released, I had to do something this year about feeling constantly overwhelmed. So I decided to look up from my desk. What I mean is that I shifted my attention from the tactical details to the big-picture strategy. I stopped obsessing about every item on the endless “to-do” list and started focusing on my top-three strategies. It may be a good — or even great — idea, but if it doesn’t advance one of those three strategies, it doesn’t make it onto the to-do list. I can breathe again!

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