Stories of women who dream, reinvent, inspire

Do-Over! | books by life coach Ann Daly PhDIt’s always a treat to hear from readers — readers of this blog and readers of my books. This recent note from Alicia was a special treat. She wrote that she had purchased Do-Over: How Women Are Reinventing Their Lives last summer and listened to the audiobook three times! Three times, I wondered, why? Here’s what she replied:

“I love hearing the stories of  women who go for their dreams, reinvent their lives, & boss-up. It inspires me! I feel like I can relate to most of your stories. At the moment I’m trying to know myself, like Sylvia. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to find my purpose. ‘What energizes me? What depletes me?’ (love that).

“My favorite story was the woman who got all the women together and made the project Impact Austin. She’s a force of nature! And ‘Dear Ann, I think you will reach your impossible dream,’ from your Dad: I’m going to tell my son that when he grows up. And your mom sounds terrific. Thank you, for touching my life.”

Thank you, Alicia, for helping me to revisit those women (and man), those stories, that inspiration.

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