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Ask-the-coach: Am I over-planning my life?

A reader writes: “I’m having a hard time balancing the spiritual wisdom of letting go of expectations and letting my life unfold one day at a time with the practical idea that I need to strategize, plan and prioritize so that I can accomplish my goals and create the life I want. How do I […]

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Coaching for women | AnnDaly.com

Fear, or desire?

“Going for an outcome that I see is greater than my fear inspires me to go forward in spite of fear.” Judith Light As a coach, I hear a lot about fear. It’s only human, that we feel trepidation when we’re taking a leap. Isn’t that part of the exhilaration? I’ve come to believe that […]

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5 practices to make that dream life your own

As a coach, I serve as the privileged witness to so many remarkable women who are ambitious to build the life of their dreams. They are consciously crafting their lives with love, attention, and imagination. They are committing to a life of clarity, meaning, and accomplishment. We are all hungry for that life, and you […]

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No longer “the only woman in the room”

What was it like being one of the first two women physics majors at Yale? Eileen Pollack tells-all in her new book, The Only Woman in the Room. Here’s my review, published on Sunday in the Houston Chronicle: ‘The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science is Still a Boys’ Club’ By Eileen Pollack Beacon […]

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For successful women: how to get clear & confident

What do successful women want? They want to feel clear and confident. Life brings pressures and demands (do I really need to list them?) that distract women from their personal ambitions. And then, some women get to a point in life when their ambitions change. I know, from my coaching practice, that women feel their […]

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Isadora Duncan: ambition was her religion

A great topic is inexhaustible! Twenty years after publishing my book on Isadora Duncan, I’m still finding fresh ways to write about the dancer’s extraordinary life and art. In honor of Women’s History Month: From all accounts (and I spent five years researching them), the modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan never, ever doubted that she […]

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Diane von Furstenberg: the secret to her success

The Woman I Wanted To Be is Diane von Furstenberg’s third book. And this time around, it’s not just about building a brand, it’s about building a legacy: “My goals had shifted. No longer was I striving to be financially independent. I was. I didn’t need to prove that the first time around wasn’t an […]

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How my coaching client got a 40% raise

My coaching clients inspire me every single day. So when the Jill Abramson story broke, I took to heart the courage and confidence of a young client who recently stood up for her worth. I wrote an Op-Ed piece to share her success story, and the Austin-American Statesman published it this past Sunday. In case […]

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