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Are you a woman in balance?

Sadly, it’s still a familiar situation in 2015: When a woman worries about upsetting the apple cart, so to speak, if she dares to ask for something she wants, she is buying into the ages-old “good girl” syndrome. You’ve got to be a good girl, right?, attending to the needs of others rather than your […]

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diane von furstenberg | AnnDaly.com

Diane von Furstenberg: the secret to her success

The Woman I Wanted To Be is Diane von Furstenberg’s third book. And this time around, it’s not just about building a brand, it’s about building a legacy: “My goals had shifted. No longer was I striving to be financially independent. I was. I didn’t need to prove that the first time around wasn’t an […]

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Margaret Fuller | AnnDalyWriter.com

Living a complete life

Houston Woman magazine recently published my review essay of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Margaret Fuller: A New American Life by Megan Marshall (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). It’s an inspiring life story! It’s hard to imagine the depths of Margaret Fuller’s despair as she came of age, an intellectual prodigy in the early nineteenth century, […]

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Gay Edelman | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Gay Edelman

My favorite thing on Facebook comes from Gay Norton Edelman: her “Just for today” posts are loving self-reminders about how to keep present. It’s an intimate experience, how she opens up her own practice for me to share. It’s like we’re back on a coaching call again. Yes, sometimes even a coach needs a coach. […]

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Susan Post and Gloria Steinem | AnnDaly.com

Save the date: an evening with Susan Post

Join me! For an evening with Susan Post, owner of BookWoman bookstore. Who better to kick off the Power of Women salon series, sponsored by the Women Communicators of Austin? As owner of BookWoman, Austin’s renowned feminist bookstore, Susan Post has worked at the heart of our community for more than 30 years. We’ll talk […]

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Alice Munro: 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature

An excellent year for women writers

“The Year of the Women Writers.” That’s how Mariella Frostrup, host of BBC 4’s “Open Book” radio program, memorializes 2013. Women swept up most of the Anglo literary awards, with Alice Munro taking pride of place as the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature. I loved listening to the smart discussion that Frostrup leads about […]

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lillian j hunter

The Roads Not Traveled

Have you ever wondered about the other life choices that you didn’t make? About what your life might look like now? Guest blogger Lillian J. Hunter’s new book, What If I Had Taken The Roads Not Traveled, considers these questions as she revisits her life’s journey. Poignant and philosophical, Hunter considers family and romance, friendship […]

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lorie marrero interviews life coach Ann Daly PhD

Finding your focus

Here’s one from the archives. It’s a lively interview about focus that I did last year with Lorie Marrero, organizer-extraordinaire and author of The Clutter Diet. We had a great time talking about focus — what it is, why it’s hard, and how to find it. What a pair we made, the clarity coach and […]

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shakti gawain

3 Ingredients of an Authentic Goal

When I was a guest on the “Peter Walsh Show,” a woman called in because she was making no progress on a book project. I didn’t offer her strategies for getting down to work. Instead, I suggested that maybe she didn’t really want to write a book. I wasn’t trying to take the wind out […]

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