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Beware the Silent Career-Killer: ‘Excessive Subjectivity’

Once upon a time, when managers made implicitly gender-biased judgments about which staff got the pay raises and the promotions, we called a spade a spade: gender discrimination. When Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Betty Dukes et al. was recently heard by the Supreme Court, we gained a new euphemism for structural sexism in the workplace: […]

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Get Opportunistic; or, Beware of What You Wish For

Ever since I won an essay contest that sent me to Brasil in high school, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” has been my motto. That’s why I shared with the Texas State Women In Communications student chapter the story of how I became a blogger for the Huffington Post. Now I want to share the story […]

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Looking for Leadership Experience? Join a Non-Profit Board

What options do you have when you’re feeling stuck at work? I hear from a lot of women who say they can’t find a way to make the leap from manager to leader. They find themselves in a catch-22: they can’t get promoted without leadership experience, but they have no opportunity to obtain that experience. […]

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6 Career Development Skills You Need to Master

I hadn’t seen Michele Heyman in a while. She had attended one of my mini-retreats a while back, and every so often we’d catch up at professional events. Last time, when we met up at a Texas Women in Business luncheon, she handed me a new business card. Michele had quit her old company to […]

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Let’s Get Political!

Like many summa cum laude graduates, I started my career with confidence in my talents and abilities. So much so that I refused to get involved in anything that smacked of “office politics.” I believed that work and career were all about merit, not about backroom bartering or Happy Hour schmoozing. Today I look back […]

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Do Your Own PR, Advises Gail Evans

One of the issues that comes up most frequently with my coaching clients, no matter where they are on their career trajectory, is communicating accomplishments. They fear that, if they do “toot their own horn,” as my mother used to say, there will be a backlash against what is perceived as brazen ego. But they […]

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How Coaching Brings on the Power and Promotions

What’s not to admire about Joanna Barsh? Not only is she smart. Not only has she devoted her career at consulting giant McKinsey & Company to accelerating the development of women leaders. What’s more, she’s still an active learner, and happy to share her own lessons learned. When I asked her in a recent interview […]

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The Glass Cliff: Gateway to the C-Suite

The Glass Cliff: Gateway to the C-Suite No doublt you’ve heard of (or even bumped into) the Glass Ceiling, that invisible barrier that keeps women from making it to the top leadership spots in business. But have you heard of the Glass Cliff? According to an article in the current Harvard Business Review, the Glass […]

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How to Get the Experience You Need to Get the Job You Want

How to Get the Experience You Need to Get the Job You Want Today I’m answering a question from Mary, from Cleveland, with a three-step strategy. (If you cannot view this video in the blog email, click here.) Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel. (Click on the “Subscribe” button under the video title.)

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How to Take a Career Do-Over!

How to Take a Career Do-Over! It’s a fresh new year, and I thought you might like to read a Do-Over! story by the change agent herself. Here’s how Amy Stewart abandoned big-law and started up her own firm, as well as the advice she offers to anyone contemplating a career transition. I’m a lawyer […]

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