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‘Unwritten Rules’: The Shock of Recognition

‘Unwritten Rules’: The Shock of Recognition I’ve heard from a lot of you about my recent blogpost, “Top 10 Unwritten Rules That Could Sabotage Your Career.” In addition, there were a lot of comments when ForbesWoman re-posted the essay. Both women and men have registered the shock of recognition. Here’s a response from Tami Bone, […]

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Top 10 Unwritten Rules That Could Sabotage Your Career

These are complicated times for ambitious women. On the one hand, there are record numbers of women at the top of industry. This year’s woman-to-woman CEO succession at Xerox was a remarkable milestone. On the other hand, the glass ceiling remains firmly in place: Although women hold 50.8% of managerial positions in the labor market, […]

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How to Become a Self-Starter

How to Become a Self-Starter Gina is a self-described “young professional” who’s ambitious about becoming a great event planner. She asked me, “What can I do to become a ‘self-starter’ and mean it? I’m putting off a big marketing project and looking for motivation to get going.” We can all relate, Gina, even us not-so-young […]

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Stretch into Executive Presence

Stretch into Executive Presence As an academic expert on nonverbal communication, I’m often asked by professional women how they can physically improve their executive presence. They’re usually surprised when I suggest a theraband and a yoga mat. Stretching is an ideal way to achieve two major goals. First, to reduce tension, which you’re most likely […]

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Are You a Rising Star?

Are You a Rising Star? In the old days, women (and men) clung to a single corporate ladder, hoping to make it as far up those rungs as possible. But, according to a recent ForbesWoman article, today’s ambitious women are remapping their careers. Carol Hymowitz explains: Instead of sticking with one employer and patiently waiting […]

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Family Priorities

According to a recent survey by Frigidaire, moms get less than one full day of free time each month. No surprise. What gives pause is the effect that so much housework and childcare has on the quality of actual human relationships–with both kids and partner: Only 17% of moms said they spend their free time […]

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At Work: What’s a Woman to Wear?

At Work: What’s a Woman to Wear? Two stories and a moral. First story. The National Law Journal recently reported on a bar association panel of judges lamenting the dress of lawyers: “Federal Judges Grouse about Attorneys’ Courtroom Attire.” After U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow mentioned that she thought some women attorneys should pay […]

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At Work: Men, Childcare, and Gender Equality

This is how I see it. Culturally, the biggest obstacle to gender equality in the workplace is childcare. As long as rearing children remains by default “women’s work,” the structure and attitudes of the workplace will always favor men. I don’t look to corporations or government to provide childcare. I look to couples to privately […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Women

Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Women I spent an exciting day last week in the Houston Hilton ballroom packed full of ambitious, successful women. What a blast! The Women’s Forum, hosted by the law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP, included the firm’s own lawyers as well as client counsel and execs. It was a day of […]

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At Work: Turn Frustration into Patience

At Work: Turn Frustration into Patience I had a terrific time speaking to the regional staff of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services this week. What a great group of (mostly) women, who are making such an important contribution to our community. We talked quite a bit about handling challenging situations at work. […]

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