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What is clarity?

Good question. Clarity is like pornography, according to the Supreme Court: you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it. Or feel it. For me, clarity is . . . an inquiry . . . Mozart . . . a fresh notebook . . . daily practice . . . Fra Angelico […]

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Gretchen Rubin: why you need clarity

Have you read happiness guru Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives? Turns out, good habits are a key to happiness. And, wait for it: clarity is a key to good habits. Here’s what Rubin says: “One of the great puzzles of habit is the fact that some […]

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I couldn’t pass up a snapshot next to this office door that I passed recently in Charleston, South Carolina. Can you see the sign on the window? It says, “Clarify”!

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Should I stay or should I go?

Are you facing an important decision? (And who isn’t?) If you’re feeling stuck, consider Chip Heath & Dan Heath’s smart advice in Decisivie: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work: 1.  Widen your options. How can you expand your set of choices? 2.  Reality-test your assumptions. How can you get outside your head […]

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Coaching reminders for this week

Ready for a little mid-week boost? Here’s a compendium of last week’s daily coaching reminders. Tell me, which is your favorite? When things don’t go so well, fret not. Shrug your shoulders and tell yourself, “Live and learn!” Know the difference between working and grinding. If you don’t know what it is, then begin by […]

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Do you need a coach?

What an honor to be featured in the January issue of Austin Woman Magazine! Journalist and women’s studies graduate student Carrie Gavit did a terrific job explaining the coaching process: Have you stumbled upon a crossroads in life? Are you unsure of what comes next, what changes you need to make to reach your goals […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe: the secret to creativity

Georgia O’Keeffe commiserated with a young poet about how difficult it is to “listen to yourself and write from that.” Here’s what the painter advised — well before I talked about “doing 15 minutes of nothing a day”: (From Weekends with O’Keeffe, by C.S. Merrill.) (PS — In January I’ll be offering my annual new […]

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What is coaching, anyway?

I love this description of coaching from Janet Harvey, president of the International Coach Federation: “In coaching you are seen as a whole, capable, and creative person. When you pause long enough to listen to yourself and listen well to how you perceive and interpret situations and relationships, you can act — what you rely […]

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Queen Latifah’s life rules

I am lovin’ Queen Latifah’s five life rules (shared in this month’s More magazine). They fill out her one basic commandment: “Keep it real.” 1.  Family and friends first. 2.  Have faith but leave all your options open. 3.  If you’re in trouble, holler. 4.  Guard your perimeter. (Privacy matters.) 5.  There’s no place like […]

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