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spain sunset

One golden day

“One golden day redeems a weary year.” — Celia Thaxter (Want to keep in touch? Click here to subscribe to my blog, and you’ll also get the bonus Coaching Starter Kit.)

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keep clear

Want clarity? Grab a pen.

Morning pages are as close to a “silver bullet” as I’ve ever encountered. If you want clarity, grab a pen. First thing every morning, for three pages. Originally outlined by creativity guru Julia Cameron in the The Artist’s Way, morning pages are given pride of place in the opening of her more recent book, The […]

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When in doubt, ask a question

When prospective¬†coaching¬† clients ask me how coaching works, the short answer is: “It’s my job to ask you the right question at the right moment.” The humble question is a mighty tool, and here’s how you can use it, too. A question is like an engine: it provides the energy to get you moving. And […]

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ann and mom

Time Is Yours to Waste

Time is the great leveller. It’s the only thing you truly own in your life. It’s yours to enjoy, to organize, or to squander. And as a coach, I know from intimate experience that the people who are most fulfilled in their lives are willing to make tough choices about how to spend whatever may […]

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The Only Question You Need Ever Ask Yourself

“Given that death is certain, and given that the time of death is uncertain, what is the most important thing?” Pema Chodron (Want to keep in touch? Click here to subscribe to my blog, and you’ll also get the bonus Coaching Starter Kit.)

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starbucks coffee cup

How to Handle Complaints

As a coach, I help women to live clearly and calmly. Together, my clients and I develop strategies to help them meet the challenges of everyday life with more grace and less anxiety. I just came across a strategy–from Starbucks!–to handle complaints. While you may not encounter anyone unhappy with their coffee order, you likely […]

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barbara fredrickson

How to Replace Negativity with Positive Emotions

As a coach, I see all too often what a challenge it is to overcome negativity when it’s become a habit. I think a lot about how we can keep from getting to what I call that “dark place.” There is a solution, says Barbara Fredrickson PhD, professor of psychology at the University of North […]

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Top 10 Tips for Regaining Your Balance

Balance. I take the word literally. I know my life is balanced when my body feels grounded, calm, and clear. In our 140-character, ADD world, it’s a challenge to plant our feet on terra firma. The world is so fragmented, organized into a tiny bytes and quick hits. We’ve been fooled into believing that multi-tasking […]

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How to Find More Focus at Work

After graduate school, before joining the faculty at UT-Austin, I took a job as the editor of a trade journal. Month after month I was challenged to orchestrate the myriad moving parts of a magazine, on deadline and under budget. It was always hectic, sometimes overwhelming, and occasionally maddening. But I loved it. Having begun […]

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