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What I learned this week

Coaching is not just about what my coaching clients learn from me. It’s also about what I learn from my coaching clients! And no matter how many times I re-discover a useful lesson, I love getting reminded again and again. Don’t you? After tragedy, embrace change. Be open. Keep digging deeper into yourself. Begin again […]

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From a coaching alum

I love my coaching clients! They’re successful, and smart, and funny. Ambitious, and big-hearted. I know it’s a good thing when they finish with coaching, with renewed vigor and power, but I miss them all the same. So it’s nice hearing from “alums.” Here’s a note I recently received: I think often about our conversations […]

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Own your buddha

I encouraged a coaching client — a most amazing woman — to claim her gifts and talents, rather than to second-guess them. To “own her Buddha” (a phrase I borrow from writer Natalie Goldberg.) And this is the photo she promptly emailed to me. She owns her Buddha. How about you?

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5 practices to make that dream life your own

As a coach, I serve as the privileged witness to so many remarkable women who are ambitious to build the life of their dreams. They are consciously crafting their lives with love, attention, and imagination. They are committing to a life of clarity, meaning, and accomplishment. We are all hungry for that life, and you […]

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New Year/New Client coaching special

The new year celebrations are over, and the resolutions have been made. How are you doing with yours? If you’re in need of a little help jumpstarting 2016, I’d love to help. When you sign up for private coaching this month, you’ll get an additional session, with my compliments. Interested? For more details, email me.

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