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Coaching or Therapy?

One of the FAQs that I receive from prospective coaching clients is about the difference between coaching and therapy. It’s an important question. How do you know which way to turn? Use this guide: You need a coach if . . . You need a therapist if . . . More questions? Email me. Sign […]

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What this coach believes

Every company has a mission statement. This weekend, I decided to compose one of my own, in the form of a list: What do I believe in? the power of small steps reason morning pages ambitious women the tender gesture books (the paper kind) Pema Chodron laughter dark chocolate beginner’s mind feminism ‘stupid’ questions sturdy […]

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What kind of woman do you want to be?

“I want to be a self-directed, energetic, accomplished, whole woman.” That’s as powerful a statement of ambition as I’ve ever read. My coaching client “Eva” emailed it to me this week, along with the list of specific goals she wants to achieve in the coming months. And to think, back when we got started, she […]

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When in doubt, ask a question

When prospective coaching  clients ask me how coaching works, the short answer is: “It’s my job to ask you the right question at the right moment.” The humble question is a mighty tool, and here’s how you can use it, too. A question is like an engine: it provides the energy to get you moving. And […]

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Coaching: Phone or Face-to-Face?

(I just added this to my Coaching Starter Kit. And it occurred to me that it would make a useful stand-alone post. If you want to get the entire Coaching Starter Kit, click here.) As you consider choosing a coach, you come to a decision point: phone or face-to-face? You may be flexible, you may […]

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3 Ingredients of an Authentic Goal

When I was a guest on the “Peter Walsh Show,” a woman called in because she was making no progress on a book project. I didn’t offer her strategies for getting down to work. Instead, I suggested that maybe she didn’t really want to write a book. I wasn’t trying to take the wind out […]

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The Secret to Hiring the Right Coach

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday to talk and for your listening, reflection, and sharing. Already I feel that I’ve gained value. I appreciate your knowledge of my work landscape and appreciate your guiding recommendations to light the path. I do want to work together. After talking with you I felt a renewed […]

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New Year/New Client Coaching Special

January is the best time to begin the coaching process, because all the buzz about the New Year has you primed to make changes in your life. If you’ve ever considered coaching, I’ll make it easy for you: If you sign up for clarity coaching this month, you’ll get a bonus coaching session, with my […]

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Why I Coach Women

Why is it important for me to coach female businesswomen and entrepreneurs? That’s the question I was asked this week by OnlineMBA.com. Here’s what I answered: It’s important to me to help female entrepreneurs and businesswomen because the playing field is still uneven. As far as our culture has come in gender equity, women still […]

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Coaching: Clients on the Move

I have the best career in the world! As a life/career coach, I work with women who are claiming their desires and actually creating the life that calls them. I just have to share these two new coaching client success stories: Rita (not her real name) quit her day job to begin a “year of […]

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