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Retreat to the Garden

No one will be surprised to hear that my favorite book to read is what I call the “Do-Over! memoir.” More specifically, it’s the “woman’s midlife-Do-Over!-in-a-home-and-garden memoir.” For me, the genre began with Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun. (And, for the record, I want to state that I discovered Mayles’ beloved Cortona even before […]

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How to Take a Career Do-Over!

How to Take a Career Do-Over! It’s a fresh new year, and I thought you might like to read a Do-Over! story by the change agent herself. Here’s how Amy Stewart abandoned big-law and started up her own firm, as well as the advice she offers to anyone contemplating a career transition. I’m a lawyer […]

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How to Take Your Strength-and-Health Do-Over!

How to Take Your Strength-and-Health Do-Over! Power is not just personal and political; it’s also physical. I feel my strongest after a good pilates reformer session. As pilates teacher Amanda Vernor likes to say, “You can be nimble and strong at any age.” But the truth is, it gets more challenging to retain muscle mass […]

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4 Ways to Finance Your Do-Over!

4 Ways to Finance Your Do-Over! Sooner or later, money becomes an issue in your Do-Over! planning. While finances are an important parameter in your reinvention roadmap, they shouldn’t become a limitation. I asked financial life coach Jennifer Jaime CPA to share her expertise here: How can women get clear about their finances during a […]

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Dealing with Do-Over! Anxiety

Dealing with Do-Over! Anxiety What we most enjoy about a Do-Over! is the excitement and exhilaration. But there’s an underbelly to the experience, too. It’s the anxiety that may accompany open-ended change. For some, it’s a challenge to live with an unclear picture of the future. They know they’re ready for a Do-Over!, but they […]

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Clear the Path to Your Do-Over!

Clear the Path to Your Do-Over! Take a quick look around yourself right now. Is the space clear and calm? If not, that’s likely contributing to any lack of clarity you’re feeling in your life. Because your external environment reflects and affects your internal life. In the midst of reinvention, it’s especially important to establish […]

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4 Best Reasons It’s Okay to Take a Do-Over!

4 Best Reasons It’s Okay to Take a Do-Over! From the wisdom of this past weekend’s mini-retreat participants, consider these four reasons it’s okay to take a Do-Over!: 1. Because I can. 2. Because I deserve it. 3. Because I’ve been taking care of other people long enough. 4. Because if I don’t do it, […]

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misty gibbs

Misty Gibbs’ Fab-Four Do-Over! Tips

Misty Gibbs’ Fab-Four Do-Over! Tips I love Misty Gibbs’ “My Inspiration Lounge” website (“be inspired, get informed, embrace life”), so when I heard she was moving to Austin, I couldn’t wait to see what she’d come up with just for us! Indeed, in only a short time she has started “Austin Women Online,” a website […]

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Take a Break This Saturday

Get Away This Saturday This Saturday I’ll be hosting my last mini-retreat until the fall. Do-Over! How to Reinvent Your Life has a few seats left, if you want to come out to Wimberley for the afternoon. I’ve got the garden ready and waiting! You’ll see the cactus and lavender in bloom side-by-side. Click here […]

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