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My Do-Over! Sign from the Universe

My Do-Over! Sign from the Universe I didn’t need a sign from the universe to confirm my Do-Over! I knew in my bones it was the right decision. But I got one anyway. It came my last year in academia. I intended to resign in May, after 17 years on faculty. Early that fall, a […]

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Learning from 2009 Do-Overs!

Learning from 2009 Do-Overs! Before we launch headlong into 2010, let’s take a moment to reflect on 2009. No sense in re-inventing the wheel, I always say, so it’s worth a few moments to groove the lessons learned this year to clear the way for the inevitable new ones coming our way next year. Here’s […]

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At 50, a Pilates Do-Over!

At 50, a Pilates Do-Over! How did it happen, that I’m the oldest one in the studio? Truth be told, it’s always been that way in pilates class. I began in what I fondly called the “remedial” class in my theatre and dance department when I was still teaching at the university, so I was […]

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The Return of the Do-Over!

The Return of the Do-Over! After writing my first blogpost for more.com (“Top 10 Hidden Rules That Can Sabotage Your Career“), I am feeling like the lawyer at the end of the holiday movie “Miracle on 34th Street.” In this final, “aha,” moment, he realizes that, since the kindly old man with the white beard […]

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Top 3 Do-Over! Mistakes

Top 3 Do-Over! Mistakes It’s so exciting to see women reinventing themselves with a frequency and intensity that our mothers’ generation would never have imagined. But it’s still a challenge to take a Do-Over! in any part of your life. If you’re in the process, here are the top 3 mistakes I see when I […]

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Happy (Personal) Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our national birthday, I’m also thinking about personal independence days. I’ve experienced three major independence days–my “Do-Over!” moments. First, when I went off to college. Second, when I got divorced. And third, when I quit my university teaching job. But there are more subtle forms of freedom, too. For […]

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