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Ann Daly PhD | coaching for women

Why I coach women

Someone asked me the other day: “Why is it important for you to coach women?” Here’s what I answered: It’s important to me to help women because the playing field is still uneven. As far as our culture has come in gender equity, women still face different expectations than men. I love to help women […]

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diane von furstenberg | AnnDaly.com

Diane von Furstenberg: the secret to her success

The Woman I Wanted To Be is Diane von Furstenberg’s third book. And this time around, it’s not just about building a brand, it’s about building a legacy: “My goals had shifted. No longer was I striving to be financially independent. I was. I didn’t need to prove that the first time around wasn’t an […]

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11 Tips for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting your own business? Here’s food for thought from Pampered Chef founder Doris Christopher: Follow your passion. Have a clear idea about what you want to do. Find a niche. Be the best you can be. Make a difference. Keep it simple. Watch your overhead. Go with your instincts. Value your time and […]

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business plan

Business Plan in One Page

When I coach women who are starting their own businesses, I like to keep it simple–and focused. Because I know from my own entrepreneurial experience that complexity gets overwhelming, and counterproductive. I like this “one-page business plan” from the October issue of Entrepreneur magazine: First, succinctly describe your business concept and your target customers. Next, […]

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road to independence book cover

On the Road to Independence

As someone who escaped academia to set up a coaching practice, I love the title of this new book: “The Road to Independence.” Starting your own business is indeed the road to independence . . . and autonomy and freedom! This is a terrific new book from the American Bar Association Commission on Women in […]

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meredith pizzi

Entrepreneur Success Story

“Ann helped me learn to think strategically and sequentially. She helped me see that, by developing systems for sales and marketing, payroll, and invoicing, I could free up my time to do what I do best!” Meredith Pizzi Did you know: Of the 81,000 women-owned businesses in this country, only 2.8% of them reach the […]

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colleen debaise

How Star Entrepreneurs Do Nothing

I went to the Wall Street Journal’s “How I Built It” roadshow here in Austin last week. I love any event that’s about sharing lessons learned! I’d much rather steal a great idea than have to reinvent it myself. Hosted by Colleen DeBaise, the Journal’s Small Business Editor and author of The Wall Street Journal […]

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5 Easy Ways to Kill Your Business

5 Easy Ways to Kill Your Business Starting and growing a business is not for sissies! Some of the gutsiest women I know are the ones who have taken an entrepreneurial Do-Over! If you missed my recent teleseminar for women solopreneurs, I thought I’d offer you a chance to listen to a recording. What you’ll […]

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roxanne rivera 2.jpg

Getting Ahead in Business as a Woman

Getting Ahead in Business as a Woman In today’s New York Times Roxanne Rivera offers great advice for women in business–even in traditionally male-dominated industries such as her own: construction. In the Business section’s Preoccupations column, she shares her own career story and provides a few pointers for young women aspiring to industries where women […]

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